Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sleep walking

It's amazing how we have become so use to a competitive way of learning and living that we take it for granted that it is the best way to learn, live life, and achieve our potential. Competition is like air to most of us. It's all around, such an integral part of life, yet we don't even realize it's there. Unfortunately, for many that air is poisonous. There are some many negative side effects to a competitive learning system that if competition were a drug, the Food and Drug Administration would ban it. If you'd like to learn more please go to www.evolutionaryeducation.com and check out my book, Evolutionary Education: Moving Beyond Our Competitive Compulsion.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving Beyond Our Competitive Compulsion

I’ve written a book, Evolutionary Education that challenges the very foundation of our society. It creates a 
clear vision for our species’ survival and transcendence. To realize this vision, we need to move beyond our 
current competitively based education system, which, for a majority of people, leads to self-doubt, fear, anger, 
sadness, overly aggressive behavior, performance anxiety, resignation, and limited benefits, toward a new 
paradigm based on a non-competitive model that generates inspiration, innovation, excellence, inner 
confidence, peace, love, and joy.